So, I am feeling a bit sad today, so I decided to post things I regret. I racked my brain and I am thankful to God that I could only come up with five.

Making this list has really made me consider my life choices.I feel there is still time to make sure this list remains short, so here goes:

1.Seizing more experience     opportunities

I regret not joining a school club like ENACTUS while I was in school. In my defense I was busy with my coursework, but I could have made it work if I wanted to.

2.Making more friends  

I love the friends I have now, but maybe I could have made more. They might not have been close friends but acquaintances, because I am now realizing that networking is a big deal.

Then again I am really bad at keeping in contact, I call my bestfriend like 4 times in a month.

3.Caring less about how people perceived me

In many ways I am still guilty of this. I keep thinking ‘ what will people think’ .I wasn’t sure I wanted my friends to read the blog when I started it.

The thoughts in my head were – what if it wasn’t good enough or witty enough or funny enough .I think my greatest fear in life is to be thought of as unkind or unintelligent.

4.Never singing solo in church 

Okay I know I may very well still get to do this. I regret not doing it in the church after my own heart GRACE chapel, Babcock university.

I can talk to a stadium full of people but as long as I am prepared I feel fine. Singing in front of just ten people makes me lightheaded ,so I never sang solo even though ever semester I promised myself I would.

5.Never learnt how to play a musical instrument 

My friends taught themselves how to play guitars. Which is super cool but I didn’t learn, why? – please refer to flimsy excuse given in number 1. They would have been more than happy to teach me but I never gave them time.

“Make the most of your regrets; Never smother your sorrow but tend and cherish it till it comes to have a separate and integral interest. To regret deeply is to live afresh” -Henry David Thoreau Click To Tweet

Do you have anything you regret too?  Let me know in the comments.

Also does anyone have any advice for avoiding and moving on from regrets. Please don’t hesitate to share.