A Simple and Truthful Guide to Making Coconut Oil

My Oil money Troubles 

“OIL”all naturalistas love it.

Sooooooo, I love reading DIYs and I especially love telling myself that I will do one of them.Anyway, this week I decided to start a new hair regimen (more on that another time).Naturally,i needed oils and they don’t come cheap.

Castor oil has burnt a hole through my very shallow pockets ­čśó.┬áThank God for being a Christian because olive oil is never scarce over here ­čśü.

Aryan oil is super┬áexpensive and difficult to find. Well, ┬ácoconut oilet’s be honest is the happening oil now.


I was going to buy some but I told myself, I said self; this coconut oil thing is makeable, so just try and do it ,besides you only need coconuts, so myself said ok so here it is.

I guarantee that all the information presented here is 110% real. So are the injuries (I am not a very careful person ­čśľ ).

Step 1:Buy coconuts (Obviously)

Since this was my first time I decided to use only 3 coconuts and not overwhelm myself.Use ripe coconuts only.

Step 2:Break the shell of said coconuts.

This should be done outside as the shell is hard, small pieces can cause injuries if you step on them.

I recommend using a small cutlass to bash the coconut open (or you can slam it on a concrete floor, whatever works for you, I don’t judge).

Step 3:Remove the flesh of the coconut.

This is the difficult part, I recommend using a blunt knife.

Start from the edges and gently push the flesh of the coconut away from the shell. Please be extremely careful, this was the site of my first injury.

Step 4:Wash the coconut flesh.

If you took my advice and broke the shell outside you probably have some dirt on your cocconut’s flesh. Not to worry just rinse it up and it’s as good as new.

Step 5:Grate/Chop the coconut flesh into bits.

Okay, now if removing the coconut flesh was difficult, this part was exhausting. First of all some people use knives to chop their coconuts in bits. When I did that it came out uneven and I looked like it would take forever. Plus I was really worried that the large and hard coconuts will destroy my blender.

When I used the grater on the other hand everything was smoother. It took waaaaaay less time,but my arm still hurt after a while sha and I was sweaty ­čÖç. WARNING : Be careful with the grater this was the site of my last 3 injuries.

So, I think I will stop here for now, because my hand hurts from all the injuries and typing . My epic tale continues.