Book Review || Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

“I was 9 years old when mother threw me out of a moving car”.


Even if you didn’t want to read Born a crime ,you now want to know why this mother decides to abuse her son. Dig a little deeper and you will find this was an act of love, done in the name of survival.

I actually debated whether or not to do this review in light of the xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Trevor Noah’s book tells us who he is and where he has comes from in a light and witty manner.

I love and have seen almost all if not all of Trevor’s shows. I always thought that although he spent some time in the townships, he was what we call an aje butter but this book proved me wrong. Trevor tells his story in a funny easy to read way that introduces you to the true horror and folly of apartheid at the same time.

I felt proud reading Born a crime because the women in it were not an afterthought. Perhaps this is due to the fact that he was raised in a very matriarchal home. The woman that marries Trevor will be so lucky 😁

Born a crime shows one boy’s and eventually man’s struggle to make sense of walking the fence between two sides who refuse to see eye to eye. You will grow with Trevor from the troublesome child to the entrepreneurial and love lorn teenager.

Finally to the young adult trying to make his way in the world. You will experience, appreciate and come to wish for the strength of Patricia Noah.

I usually don’t read biographies because I often find them to be long ramblings of self praise or self pity but Born a Crime ….. Is a big YES!

Event|| FashionbyDaisy Pop up Sale


So guys how was your weekend? Mine was great! I spent most of it buying clothes, we all know that’s the dream, yayy for any good sale.

Anyway, there has been a lot of buzz about the fashionbydaisy pop up sale and when I got wind of it, I told everyone about it. Items were going to retail between 500 to 2000 naira, which was almost too cheap to be true.

I woke up early on Sunday because I wanted to get to the sale first, I got there a few minutes after 12pm and I was surprised by two things.
1 There were already people who had finished shopping and were leaving.
2. The person who was leaving was a classmate from my primary school in Minna, Niger state, who I hadn’t seen in about 15 years.

However, I was more panicked for the first reason and after pleasantries I rushed in to start shopping. I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the pieces were actually being sold for the alloted prices, so I dove into the goods.


I started with Mariam’s closet of course, she had worn so many wonderful pieces on her blog, and I decided to get a piece of that action.

Next I moved to shopdesire1709 and I leapt for joy because their high end pieces were all 2000 or less, as well as sunnies which were going for a thousand naira. Also, I got something for my sister and mamaa there.

I got some stuff for my brother who loves vintage shirts at Mayreejay’s rack. My sister who came with me also got some cool pieces there.

I didn’t get much time to talk and connect because my mamaa kept calling me home to cook 😒. Definitely going to do a haul post of the stuff I got from the sale soon.

It was a lovely experience and I would definitely be there again if it were to happen again.


I wanted something loose that would allow me to run to grab the goodies if the situation called for it LOL.

These dope purple palazzo trousers are 1000 naira and I paired it with a sheer white top from mamaa’s closet. A pair of nude flats and my KStote bag. After all the noise over wanting one I didn’t  tell you guys it arrived, it did and I was pleased.

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I rounded the look up with my lucky purple ring and this cute little glass necklace.

I took this pictures later so my high puff was not popping like before because SHRINKAGE 😟

So what did you guys spend your weekend doing? Anything interesting?

Also what’s your take on my outfit?

Inspiration ||The Flapper / Fringe Trend: A throwback

Hello everyone, I hope your week has been going good. Mine has been just there and MTN decided that there will be no network so our hands are on our chins.

Today I am going to be sharing a trend that is giving me all the feels- Flapper Dresses. This look is one that I hope is making a slow but sure comeback.

Let me take you back to the roaring twenties, think Jazz, affluent and fancy parties, and the Great Gatsby. In this decade women began to wear more comfortable clothes, letting go of the restrictive fashion of the yesteryears.

The Classic Flapper Dress

Photo Credit :

Variations of the flapper dress can be seen on the red carpet as worn by Emma stone at the Oscars in this Heavenly golden number. Tracee Ellis Ross also wore this stunning piece for the Oscars after party.

Photo Credit : Harpers Bazzar Photo Credit : Daily mail

If you have been looking closely, you will see that the Fringe detail has been popping up in places too.

Photo Credit : Sotra

I am in love with this trend, there is just something about it that feels glamorous and very elegant. Would I like a Fringe detail or flapper dress?, I would absolutely love one.

Photo Credit : Harper’s Bazzar

Although, the way I am seeing it ehn, it will be on the very very money consuming side of things, but a girl can hope and pray.

Paired with a lovely pair of pumps, a nice little clutch purse, some dangling, glittering earrings, and the right attitude, the flapper dress can make anyone the belle of the ball.

Photo Credit : Unique Vintage


So is anyone else in love with the flapper dress and the Fringe trend? 

As per usu let me know in the comments 🙃. 

P. S. Do me a solid by sharing this post or any old ones you particularly love on social media. Thank you. 

My Style || NYFW Inspo Florals: How to Style a Gypsy Skirt

Happy new month in arrears everyone. It’s been a minute or two since I blogged for reasons that shall remain nameless for now. I am however very sorry for taking so much time off and I am excited to be back😁.

The NYFW just concluded and one of the major trends was FLORALS – I am talking head to toe, free flowing florals .Florals are nice fun and flirty but if you go wrong with them, you get florals that screams old school curtains or dining clothes.

Does anyone remember the gypsy skirt craze of 05/06. Well I remember because my mum bought matching skirts for my sisters and I. We looked so cute in them, but I digress.

I fell in love with this piece when I saw it, there was something about the pattern that I just couldn’t let go of. Plus it was thrifted so it may have been the low price that was exciting me 😁.

I love the fact that it’s free flowing and makes you feel like you are wearing a cloud. Seriously guys, this skirt is so comfortable I could wear it everyday.


This look is very muted and minimalist,  because I felt the true star should be my flowery skirt. I paired it with a plain black long sleeve shirt, a pair of flat brown sandals, a simple blue heart pendant and a china blue cross body bag.

Plus my mane, that I felt just fell into place that day…. thank God for small favours.

This look is super causal and very laid back. It’s something you can wear to the movies, nature walk, for a good mall crawl or the great pastime of window shopping.

You can substitute the flat sandals for a pair of white tennis shoes for a sportier look. Or try a great pair of heels for a less casual look. You can also switch out the long sleeves for a shorter sleeves shirt if you are one of those long sleeve hating people 😒.

What do you think of the floral trend? 

Is it here to stay? 

And are you team ‘gotta have it’ or ‘make it stop’ 

Let me know in the comments