February 2017 Wishlist || Of Hair Products, Cute bags and Wardrobe Essentials

Hae guys, so first of all happy new month. January seemed like it would never end but here we are.Today, I am sharing my wishlist, mind you not the whole thing , just 5 things out of it so you guys don’t think I am greedy 😁.

These are things I really want to get before the month of February ends. So please feel free to make GENEROUS donations.

1. Obia Naturals :

-Neem tea tree shampoo bar

-Babassu deep conditioner

My hair is my baby. I have come a long way before it was possible for me to love it, I talk about that struggle in my natural hair journey.

So I always pamper the hell out of it. That’s why I NEED these Obia naturals products.

I have seen a lot of amazing reviews of their products, so they had to be on my wishlist because I really really really want to try them.

Their products are all natural, and vegan, which means it is probably tailored to all hair types.

However, there is a drawback the company is based in the USA. That means even after buying, shipping will be a long thing but I am still hoping sha.Check out their website .

from @obianaturals on instagram

2. King and Steven Tote bags(KS tote bags) :

I am sure I am not the only one that stalks the IG pages of some brands looking at and wishing for their stuff.

If I am the only one, it’s still okay 😒, but that’s how I am always looking at KS totes IG page ( which you should check out here by the way).

I have decided that I need a KS tote maybe it’s just envy that Desmond at quirksandoutfits got his own but I want mine too.

From @kstotebags on instagram
One can never have enough bags.

3. A backpack from @thethriftstoreng :

Continuing from my declaration above, this next item is another bag.

I was so close to getting this one last month, but because of work I couldn’t get to the bank to pay on time and someone else got my backpack (Yes, I still think it’s mine) before me.

Did I cry? No, but the pain was breakup level kind of pain 😢😢. But you guys I feel it: This month is my month, I must get one.

P.S. here is a link to the IG page

4. Perfume : 

Last year I was left without a perfume. Read why in this post .

So I have been finding alternative means to spritz up. But you know, I am starting to think it does not behove a young lady like yours truly to be sneaking into her parents room anytime she wants to spray perfume.

But you know, I am starting to think it does not behove a young lady like yours truly to be sneaking… Click To Tweet

Plus my mother’s own is getting too much, counting the number of spritzs I am allowed when she catches me 😒…..Seriously mummy? So I must get mine this month.

I want something that isn’t too feminine – no smelling like flowers. But at the same time isn’t too strong – nothing like Boss Orange here ; that thing can strangle your nose.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Please tell me in the comments.(P.S. money is DEFINITELY an object).

5. A pair of Pumps :

In the same vein, I want to get myself a really good pair of pumps or court shoes.

I am willing to spend a bit more money here because I want something that will last.

My shoe size is 41/42. This baffles me because I am not tall. I am about 5 foot 7 inches, so why?

But it’s the struggle 😔. I also welcome suggestions here. As regards to colour, I am thinking black or navy blue? Tell me what you think.

So there you have it, my wishlist for the month and I only have 27 days to make it happen 😲.

Please remember to drop your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box.

I would also love for you to subscribe, don’t worry I won’t fill up your inbox, just a monthly ‘hey how are you’ to bring you up to speed on the latest blog posts and special offers.

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I would love to know what’s on your own wishlist 

My Top 10 ||Favourite Movies Of all Time – How many have you watched ?

Today I am going to be sharing my 10 favourite movies. These are the movies you can watch again and again and again because they are awesome.I am sharing my 10 favourite movies. These are the movies you can watch again and again and again… Click To Tweet

If you don’t feel like reading my whole epistle *just realised this is my longest post yet*, scroll to the end where I made a nice clean list for you. Let’s get started:

1. Harry Potter Film Series:


Fantasy, Coming of age drama, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure, Horror and Romance.

Anybody who is my friend knows that I am a Potter head. I absolutely love the HP series and except if you are living under a rock you have probably heard of them.

I am not even going to try and sell you on them. Why? HP is awesome!!!! that’s why. Just go watch it and let your life be transformed.

It’s a tale of how life can throw us curve balls and mess things up. But with a little Perseverance, Bravery, Cunning, Wit and God willing, some luck – we will triumph even if we lose some things and people along the way.

P. S. Read the books for an added bonus. After which you must go to Pottermore and get sorted.

2. Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street:


Horror, Drama, Thriller, Musical, Crime fiction, Musical drama

I love Johnny Depp – I think he is a great actor, the personal stuff welllll…. not so much. The gist is, I have a thing for horror movies.

Even though this is a musical,  I loved the story and immensely enjoyed it. The movie chronicles the life of a barber who just got out from jail- it tells of the evil that got him sent there in the first place and his descent into what I would call madness.

P. S.  Do not watch if your stomach becomes queasy easily. On second thought go ahead and watch.  BE BRAVE.

3. Mulan:


Animation, Action film, Family film, Drama, Adventure film, Martial arts film, Musical, Comedy drama.

Ah….the tale of Fa Mulan, hero(ine) of China. Mulan is my favourite Disney princess. She is tough, awkward and has personality.

Plus her family is a riot. Please watch this movie if you haven’t and re-watch if you have. Its simple tale about the lengths we go for love, family and honour are timeless.

P. S. There’s a part 2

4. Dead poet society:


Drama film, Teen film.

” Oh Captain My Captain ” this iconic line gave me the feels the first time i watched the film as well as every time after. 

RIP Robin Williams. He made this film come alive, he was also one of the most versatile actors ever. He could go from Mrs Doubtfire to Mr Keating.

This movie shows you in great detail the struggle to be different and not to conform as well as the obstacles you encounter along the line.

It also submits that sometimes dreadful things happen but as long as you touch a life, you have made a difference.

P.S. It has really life changing quotes and messages.

5. The Odyssey(Miniseries):

Action film,Adventure, Science Fiction,Fantasy.

I saw this film first about 10 to 13 years ago and I stayed with me. First of all, I thought the special effects were awesome. However re-watching it last year made me realise how wrong I was.

Second Greek and Roman mythology fascinates me (and I think it even started with this movie).

This movie shows the hero Odysseus’ epic journey to get home after the Trojan war. He faces obstacles, is helped by gods as well as hindered by them. It’s a good family movie with some PG scenes.

P.S. If you like Greek mythology and don’t mind old movies. Check out the OG clash of the titans.

6. The Help:


Romance, Drama film.

This is one of those movies that really echoes the human condition. Prominent in this movie are the Jim Crow or segregation laws.

The movie is set during the civil rights era. It recounts the story of an aspiring white journalist and her relationship with two black maids.

She writes a book from the perspective of the maids showing the racism they encounter at work.

P.S. The help was originally a novel by Kathryn Stockett that was adapted for the big screen .

7. Rush:


Action, Sports, Biographical film, Drama film.

I didn’t think I was going to like this movie at all. Firstly, because it was about Formula 1 and apart from general knowledge, I don’t know anything about Formula 1.

I watched this movie late at night and I found myself watching it again the next morning. The movie is a bit of a biopic, it shows the rivalry between two Formula 1 greats Niki Lauda and James Hunt.

This movie almost made me shed tears, too many ups and downs. All in all, it was a good movie, which I forced everyone I came in contact with for a month after to watch.

8. Rush Hour :


Action film, Comedy, Thriller, Crime fiction.

Anytime I think of Rush hour, the song WAR by Edwin Star comes to mind. I love this movie, it’s a classic buddy cop/action movie.

It is also a feel good movie for those days when you want something to watch that isn’t too serious and has a great story where good triumphs over evil.

P.S. There is also Rush hour part 2 and 3. Plus I hear part 4 is in the works. 

9. Deadpool:


Action film, Comedy, Superhero movie, Romance film, Science fiction film, Adventure film.

Deadpool was the movie that made 2016 IMO. I am assuming everyone has seen this movie.

It’s funny, there’s a lot of fourth wall breaking and the puns are to die for. This is another feel good movie. It is also a super hero movie for people who dont like super hero movies.

If you haven’t seen this movie….WHY?

10. The Shawshank Redemption:


Drama, Thriller, Crime fiction.

This movie tells the story of  a banker, Andy Dufresne who was given a life sentence in Shawshank Penitentiary for the murder of his wife and her lover, despite his claims of innocence.

The theme of hopelessness is persistent in this movie. It almost makes you lose faith in humanity and the whole ‘the truth will set you free’ and ‘you reap what you sow’ mantras.

It also teaches that at the end of the day, there’s a tiny ray of hope that calls us to push through and take by force what we feel we deserve. This movie is epic.

P.S. The movie is based on a book by Stephen King called ‘Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption

Here is a list of my movies, if;tldr
1. Harry Potter Film Series 
2. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
3. Mulan
4. Dead Poet’s Society 
5. The Odyssey
6. The Help
7. Rush
8. Rush Hour
9. Deadpool
10. The Shawshank Redemption 

I would love to know your own favourite movies.

I would also love to know any movie recommendations you have for me….old or new.


Cassie Daves Blog Planner 2017 || A “Quick”Review

Cassie Daves Blog Planner

I was going to hold off on doing a review of the Cassie Daves blog planner until I had used it for about a month. Buuut immediately I got mine, opened it and saw what it contained I knew I had to say something.
So since this blog is my soap box let me shout


Someone give @cassiedaves a medal.Someone give @cassiedaves a medal. Click To Tweet

I used to write my ideas and to do list in various books, I even manually drew my own calendar .Then I saw reviews for the blog planner and I knew I had to check it out.


The design I went with was the minimalist original black and white one. I just thought it looked aesthetically pleasing, plus I don’t like pink, and I was thinking of flatlay opportunities😁.

Preliminary Pages

The first thing you see when you open the blog planner is a page that tells you you get going. Then you have a page for you to put down your name and your website.

       This belongs to ?

Next you have the blog manifesto page, this page causes you to think deeply about many aspects of your blog. The things you fill out here will help define and streamline your blog.

Next is your 2017 blog goals….because you NEED to put in writing what you want to achieve. Following this are the calendars for 2017 and 2018 respectively.

The planner also contains a daily blog checklist- all those things that you need to do as a blogger that you may sometimes forget, especially if you are a scatterbrain like me.

The last thing we have in the preliminary pages is a social media posting schedule which I am really grateful for, because my own social media is all over the place.😥

Monthly Content

Every month contains, first of all a motivational quote to get you in the right mood and give you encouragement.

Blog goals every month, although writing yearly blog goals is great, breaking it into smaller ones makes it more achievable.

A few pages for post ideas(because you must have a place to keep track of them)and notes.The months calendar with space for notes and adding things you want to do on each day.

Something new to do everyday

A to-do list for every single day of the month, the looks you want to shoot (very useful for style bloggers). A space for your intended blog partnerships and guest posts.

     What TO-DO

Lastly, each month contains a blog review pages, to know if you achieved your blog goals. As well as a space for your blog and social media statistics- to see your growth. Plus a financial overview page with your earrings and expenses to keep track of your dough.😊

P.S.   It also contains something special in the middle of the year to keep you going.

Final Pages

The last few pages of the blog planner, contain 99 blog topic ideas, some useful tools and apps for your blog as well as spaces for your important blog dates, blogs you love and useful links.

What I Love

I love the fact that with all the great stuff it contains, the blog planner is only 8.3″ by 7″ or 21cm by 15 cm ( I measured).

I love the fact the it is hard cover- so it is superdurable.

I love the fact that it looks pretty so when I take it somewhere, I know people will admire it. This will give me a chance to tell them about my blog.

I especially love the fact that this is home grown authentic Nigerian stuff, one of us thought of this and made it happen.

My Advice

Get the planner, get the planner get the planner, even if you are not a blogger, get it and I promise you , the spirit of blogging will enter you.

All bloggers should get this planner, even if you just started blogging a minute ago. If you have a blogger friend ,it’s not to late to get them a late new year present. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is a blogger, here is your early Valentines day gift.

P.S. This will also make a bomb birthday present for your blogger friend.

P.P.S Did you guys notice I got a blog logo…..YAY. What do you think of it.

One of my Flatlays

I would love to hear whatever questions or comments you have about the blog planner.

I shall answer those I can and redirect  those i can’t to CassieDaves 

My First Volunteer Experience || #thecharity2016 -The Nigerian Child Initiative.


P. S. The pictures aren’t mine. I culled them from TNCI whatsapp group chat and from the instagram feed of executives initiative. The names of some of the photographers are visible on the photographs.

I have always been passionate about being a volunteer ( can you be passionate about something you have never done?). I looked far and wide for opportunities but I didn’t find feasible ones.

When I decided to look closer to home I found the Nigerian Child Initiative. They told me they would be more than happy to have me on their medical team for their #thecharity2016 event on the 26th of December at Makoko,Yaba.

Now, won’t refer to myself as an aje butter, however there are some places I have never been to in Lagos. Makoko was one of them, I enlisted the help of my father designated driver(DD) because I cannot choose not to drive.

The day started out with me waking up late and asking myself -Ada why are you like this. I showered , put on my outfit, then went to wake up my DD , who insisted on showering (the nerve right?).

My youngest sister decided to tag along, just before we left, my brother insisted on coming too. Finally, when we were walking out the door, mom stopped us to make a list of things she wanted dad to buy.

I was upset and a bit panicky because an hour had gone by this time. Anyway we got into the car and my DD drove like a maniac.

I was pleasantly surprised that we made it to the pick up location(LUTH) in an hour. First of all the bus that picked us up was not the rickety thing I expected, but a nice coaster bus.

I was the last person to arrive so everyone saw my DD drop me off-road JESUS! SO EMBARRASSING. Our team leader used the journey  time to do a bit of intro and walk through for the newbies.


When we got there and I saw the large number of children, I was like YAY!!., then OH NO,  can I actually do this. I was worried that the event would be disorganized and not start till ever.

I was wrong, although the organizers had to take some time to get the very eager kids settled, we got started after 20 minutes.

The process involved anthropomorphic measurements, malaria screening, dental screening, consultation and finally the pharmacy.

Me looking all serious, putting my gloves on

I was on the malaria screening team and I got to work ASAP. I had to use A CRT kit, my teammate showed me how, because I had never used it before.

These aren’t tears of joy

The process involved pricking the child with a lancet (which consequently caused a lot of crying and fighting). The great thing was I only got 1 positive result, so I guess that’s a plus (Pun intended).

After the children were done with the medical team, they got to play, do arts and crafts e.t.c. The charity also gave out food,  (donated) clothes and I saw Mr. and Mrs. Clause make an appearance.

Feedin’ Time

I think everybody was happy at the end of the day., I would absolutely love to do this again.

I felt very helpful,and that is the greatest gift you can give whether it is Christmas or any time of year.

Have you ever been a Volunteer? 

Yes?  Did you enjoy the experience ? 

No? Would you like to do it? 


Me, at the back, trying to stuff my Face Grown ups waiting their turn Dental- Say aaahh Dr Cassie Akinde The Pharmacy


End of the Day Group Picture

New Beginnings || Welcome to my Blog 2.0

Today is a day that brings good news and memories of bad news. I am going to start on a positive note, this is my first blog post after moving my blog.

I moved it from “a free WordPress site you self-hosted site “, so YAY.  The title of this post should tell you there was a welcome to my blog 1.

This is really a milestone for me, because it means I finally took the leap from semi- serious to serious blogging.

Now for the Bad News

I was going to continue posting on my blog using my free WordPress site until I begun self hosting but….. On the 12th of December, about a month ago, my family got robbed. Alot of things were taken from is including my laptop, but I thank God no one got hurt.

Now, after that incident, I wouldn’t say I lost interest in blogging, I simply didn’t feel like doing it for a while. Plus I didn’t really know what to do without a laptop and a camera.

Now, I was saved by the fact that before the robbery,  I was already making big plans for my blog. I had taken pre-emptive steps like ordering the Cassie Dave’s blog planner.

I had even started research on hosting services, then the robbery happened and I just mellowed out. Since I already made commitments and set the wheels in motion, I had to keep going.

Keep Going

So I plodded along doing rebate minimum,  because even though I was in a fix- I knew in my heart that I really wanted to make this work. Here I am Today.

It is a New Year I am revamping my blog, going at it again and not stopping till I make it.

This has taught me that if you want something Perseverance is key. Take small steps which lead to BIG steps that lead to your goal.

if you want something Perseverance is key. Take small steps which lead to BIG steps that lead to your… Click To Tweet

Have you ever gone through anything that almost made you give up your Dreams?

Leave a comment below, as well as the tips that helped you pull through.