How I Grew My Hair an INCH in ONE WEEK || The Inversion Method

So, tomorrow is Valentine’s day. I have really been struggling with what to post. It’s not as if I didn’t know what to post, I have already scheduled my posts for the month (it’s amazing how organised my blog is compared to the hot mess of a whirlpool that is my life- but I digress).

The thing is almost every blog was doing valentine this valentine that…. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed reading some of them, but valentine has never been a big deal for me whether I was a single pringle or a couple at the time.

So I didn’t have want to do anything very valentine-y but my God the pressure😦, I was already about to cave but I told myself


So this post will be what it was initially supposed to be about LOVE. Love for that beautiful mane on your head. Sorry for the rambling now lets begin.

If you remember my hair regimen post, I mentioned that there were some things I would like to try on my hair. Some hair growth tricks and the Inversion method was one of them and I finally did it.

So I will be telling you what exactly I did, how I did it and my results.


Basically the gist of it is you massage the oil of your choice into your hair while your head is in an inverted or upside down position.
This is to be done for 7 days and is supposed to give you an inch of growth.

However, I modified my own method a bit.

1. I combined coconut, castor and olive oil.

2. I boiled some water, put the oils in a bottle and put said bottle in the water to get the oil mixture warm.

3. I sectioned my twists into 3 and massaged each section for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Then I massaged my whole scalp for 3 minutes.

4. Finally, I inverted my head for 5 minutes.

I did this for 7 days and the pictures below show my results. I should probably have measured them to be sure it was exactly 1 inch but I don’t know why I didn’t.


I think there was some growth probably close to 1 inch so I know the method works because, I didn’t use any other products during the 7 days.


To be honest guys this was really stressful and if not for the fact that I wanted to blog about it I would have quit at day 3.

I think I will do it again maybe later in the year.

So what do you guys think, are you going to try the Inversion method?

Yes? Then please let me know your results

No? Why not?

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Natural Hair Regimen || Products, Procedures,Tips and Goals

Texture Shot

Today, I am going to be sharing my hair regimen with you. The last time I  talked about my natural hair, I was telling the story of how it came to be.


This may be a long post because it’s going to involve products, descriptions and so on and so forth. I started this hair regimen in November, when I realised I could not just passively grow my hair😲. I did some research and finally decided to dip my toe in the pond and try something new.

So Take a Sit, Grab a Drink and Read

Products I Use

1. Gentelle Hair Fruits Shampoo: this shampoo costs about 500 naira and is good at removing build up, it doesnt dry your hair execessively and it doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulphate.

2. VO5 Moisture Milk Moisturizing conditioner: I mainly use this conditioner to co wash and it leaves my hairfeling rather soft after so I guess it’s alright.

3. Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise: I got the 853g size for about 2000 naira -last year tho- it has a really thick consistency which I think is an advantage because most of it is not wasted by dripping. This conditioner is great at reducing breakage as well as strengthening my hair.

4. Dark and Lovely Corrective Leave-in conditioning therapy: Apart from my oils this product is my day one . Whenever my hair feels dry or I feel it is less shiny than it should be or I need something to put in my hair real quick I turn to Dark and Lovely. My mom was actually the one who introduced me to it. I was stealing her own until I bought mine. It cost about 1800 naira.

5. African Pride Hair Scalp and Skin Oil: I saw it in my local supermarket, and I just took a liking to it. In addition, it contains rosemary, almond, castor and safflower oils, to name a few and it smells divine.

6. Shea Butter: After reading several natural hair blogs,  I found that I probably have low porosity hair, and I knew I needed a thick butter to lock moisture in, Shea butter works great and it is also cost effective.

7. Olive Oil: it’s super available in my house and it has good hair strengthening benefits.

8. Castor Oil: I have not been able to buy black castor oil because  (i) your girl is broke 😢 and (ii) I read up, and there’s really not much difference between the two. The black castor oil seeds are roasted before oil extraction das all .

P.S. it is mostly (i) tho

9. Coconut Oil  (which I make myself): I love coconut oil – the smell, the process of making it- and it’s awesome anti bacterial and hair damage prevention properties.

My Homemade Coconut Oil I Love Coconut Oil

What is Wash Day Like?

Wash day usually starts with me prepooing with coconut oil the night before. But because I have been lazy recently it doesn’t anymore😔.

Then I wash my hair -in twists- do not under estimate the advantages of washing your hair in twists. There are so many which include minimal hair tangling and drying your hair with ease.

After washing, I deep condition with my Vitale olive oil hair mayonnaise for 30 minutes under a shower cap to really let the conditioner get in there.

Next, I rinse the conditioner out and then co wash with the VO5 moisture milk moisturizing conditioner.I rinse that off too, then I use whichever one of my cotton shirts that happens to be around and pat my hair semi-dry.

I will then proceed to use the dark and lovely corrective leave-in conditioning therapy to detangle my twists and work in some Shea Butter and castor oil before I retwist.

Sometimes I substitute castor oil and Shea Butter for my African pride hair scalp and skin oil.


My Hair Regimen Products

When its not Wash Day

When it’s not wash day my watch words are MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE, I have a spray bottle which contains;

1. Water

2.Dark and Lovely Corrective leave-in conditioning therapy

3. Olive oil

I use said spray bottle on my hair frequently because I have read and heard it on all natural hair forums that moisture is key. Plus our climate is tropical so your hair is losing more water.

Hair Regimen Goals

When I started this hair journey my hair was approximately 9 inches long. My goal is to get my stretched length of hair to 20 inches. Then I will rest maybe 🤔.

My other goal which I think I have achieved is to have healthy hair. Anytime I see or feel my hair I am sooooo happy it has body and bounce and it feels very healthy.

Things I would Love to try

1. Acid Vinegar Rinse

I really want to incorporate an acid vinegar rinse into my hair regimen.

I hear it really helps clean your hair from roots to tips and remove build-up.

It also helps give your hair some really nice sheen

2. The Inversion Method

If you do a YouTube search of this, you will be bombarded with several videos.

It involves messaging your roots with oil while you are upside down i.e. inverted. It is supposed to be done for 7 days which will produce 1 inch hair growth.

Now, I don’t believe in grow hair quick hacks but I have studied this and it wont hurt. Best case scenerio I grow an inch of hair. Worst case, I have fed my mane essential oils and massaged it for a week.

THE way I see it, I can’t really lose….right?

My Hair Tip

It is fairly easy to get all sorts of tips and tricks for your hair. But, I am going to share what I feel is the ultimate tip and it is simple. First of all,


When you cultivate the habit of seeing yourself as the wonderful creature you are. You will find the will power to do things that will make each and every part of you blossom. This worked for me and that’s why I am sharing it.

Finally, Invest time and energy in yourself and you will see results. Treat yourself because you are important.

What are your thoughts.

Do you have any suggestions for me?

Any products you think I should try ?

Anything you think I should incorporate into my hair regimen.

Talk to me in the comments.


A girl and her Hair :My Natural hair Journey

My Journey to hair-ceptance

Recently there has been a movement geared towards women of African descent not using relaxers to alter their natural hair texture.

Some people are all for it, while some people not on board because they say it’s too stressful.

I don’t use relaxers on my hair anymore. Here’s why(the long version).

The beginning

The fact that i am a very self conscious person, makes me worry about what people think of me a lot. It is getting better now ,it used to be way worse before.

When I was 9 years old ,I got into my first year of secondary school. It was difficult to say the least, because all my time had been spent mostly with my siblings .

Obviously, I was the youngest in my class, I preferred to play with Junior students because they were my age.My own class mates were interested in boys, tights and periods,me,i just wanted to play ‘Catcher’.

I used to think I was very ugly, and it wasn’t until 2008 that I finally gained some self esteem.  (side note: one of the boys in my class told me years later that I was amongst the finest girls class ,but let’s not focus on that).

Most of my time was spent trying to fit in and trying to make sure I was deemed mature. So I could be involved in things and not just be the smart, tinrin gbeku, glasses girl.

If I could tell my past self anything it would be to tell anyone who called me childish to shove off because I was still a child.

Discovery and Decision

I am almost ashamed to say this but i didn’t know that not relaxing your hair was an option.I thought leaving it natural was something that only deeper life people did because they were weird.

The person who inspired me was  my friend that did her big chop and I really loved her hair. By that time I was already frustrated with my own mane’s problems. It was a limp lifeless thing that I hated.

I transitioned, I was afraid of looking strange but I kept my head high. When my hair came in, I was Sooooooo happy. My ‘Fro had weight, it felt healthy, in fact my afro was one in town😁


It’s been a long journey for that unsure, insecure and immature girl who prayed that people would like her. She prepared conversation in her head for whatever new school (I went to 4 secondary schools) ,she was going to.

Embracing my natural hair was a biiiig part of it of how confident I am today. Obviously I am not saying I am completely there yet but I am taking GIANT steps.

I am writing this because I started a new regimen on November 30.It should be for a 3 month trial period and I was just reminiscing on how far I have come.God has to take all the glory for that.

“I love my natural hair because it is a gift that we black women have” -Lola Atobatele

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Some of my favorite natural hair blogs include Black Girl Long Hair, Curl Centric, Craving Yellow.

What are some of yours?
Do you have any hair tips or hair journey stories? Please share in the comments.

A Simple and Truthful Guide to Making Coconut Oil 2

Hi guys, welcome to part 2 of our epic journey to make Coconut oil, because we are smart 🙋. ​Check out Part 1.

I realized something on my journey to make the oil, I got 3 other awesome products,I will highlight them as we go on.So here are the rest of the steps please enjoy.

Step 6:Blend the chopped Coconut flesh.

Here you have to eyeball things,the coconut shavings will not blend on its own so you have to add water, not too much though.So when you blend it, you get a goopy mess not a watery one.

Step 7: Sieve the results from step 6.

For me this was the fun part. You can use whatever you want as far as it can sieve things. Me, I used a white handkerchief, which I place over my bowl and poured the goop over it.
After which, I squeezed the handkerchief  with my hands until all the water came out. This is the first product :COCONUT MILK.

Coconut Milk

Step 8:Refrigerate the Coconut Milk for 24 hours.

This part also requires discretion. Some sites recommended as little as 5 hours ,however,I preferred the 24 hours so that it could separate properly.
Now for the sad part, some sites recommended leaving the milk in the fridge. While some said leave out in the open. I divided it  in half and put one in the fridge and one in my room.

One did not go well, the one in my room fermented and I had to throw it away 😭, I shed a few tears.
I had only about half of my milk to work with, which affected the amount of oil I got.

Step 9:Separate the coconut butter from the coconut water(?).

Now after 24 hours, you will see a top layers of pure white and a buttom almost colorless layer. The top layer is the second product :COCONUT BUTTER.

Coconut Butter

The lower layer is the third product :COCONUT WATER (I don’t know the name,  I am guessing).

Step 10: Heat the butter to get your OIL.

Now the coup de gras, take the butter, and get yourself a pot, preferably a non-stick one. Put it on low heat and start frying the butter while stirring it continuously.

I fried the one in the picture below for about an hour. Fry until you can see small brown ball like residue(this stuff is edible, I don’t know what it is sha).

Separate your oil into a container, don’t cover it until it cools down completely though.
So this is my final product. Bear in mind that this is from less than half of my coconut milk. If you make yours you will get at least twice this.

I really think that the whole experience was worth it. I shall  be making another batch soon,now that I am wiser.

Any questions you have please ask in the comments and I shall answer.
Also please do tell me when you make yours.

A Simple and Truthful Guide to Making Coconut Oil

My Oil money Troubles 

“OIL”all naturalistas love it.

Sooooooo, I love reading DIYs and I especially love telling myself that I will do one of them.Anyway, this week I decided to start a new hair regimen (more on that another time).Naturally,i needed oils and they don’t come cheap.

Castor oil has burnt a hole through my very shallow pockets 😢. Thank God for being a Christian because olive oil is never scarce over here 😁.

Aryan oil is super expensive and difficult to find. Well,  coconut oilet’s be honest is the happening oil now.


I was going to buy some but I told myself, I said self; this coconut oil thing is makeable, so just try and do it ,besides you only need coconuts, so myself said ok so here it is.

I guarantee that all the information presented here is 110% real. So are the injuries (I am not a very careful person 😖 ).

Step 1:Buy coconuts (Obviously)

Since this was my first time I decided to use only 3 coconuts and not overwhelm myself.Use ripe coconuts only.

Step 2:Break the shell of said coconuts.

This should be done outside as the shell is hard, small pieces can cause injuries if you step on them.

I recommend using a small cutlass to bash the coconut open (or you can slam it on a concrete floor, whatever works for you, I don’t judge).

Step 3:Remove the flesh of the coconut.

This is the difficult part, I recommend using a blunt knife.

Start from the edges and gently push the flesh of the coconut away from the shell. Please be extremely careful, this was the site of my first injury.

Step 4:Wash the coconut flesh.

If you took my advice and broke the shell outside you probably have some dirt on your cocconut’s flesh. Not to worry just rinse it up and it’s as good as new.

Step 5:Grate/Chop the coconut flesh into bits.

Okay, now if removing the coconut flesh was difficult, this part was exhausting. First of all some people use knives to chop their coconuts in bits. When I did that it came out uneven and I looked like it would take forever. Plus I was really worried that the large and hard coconuts will destroy my blender.

When I used the grater on the other hand everything was smoother. It took waaaaaay less time,but my arm still hurt after a while sha and I was sweaty 🙇. WARNING : Be careful with the grater this was the site of my last 3 injuries.

So, I think I will stop here for now, because my hand hurts from all the injuries and typing . My epic tale continues.