February 2017 Wishlist || Of Hair Products, Cute bags and Wardrobe Essentials

Hae guys, so first of all happy new month. January seemed like it would never end but here we are.Today, I am sharing my wishlist, mind you not the whole thing , just 5 things out of it so you guys don’t think I am greedy 😁.

These are things I really want to get before the month of February ends. So please feel free to make GENEROUS donations.

1. Obia Naturals :

-Neem tea tree shampoo bar

-Babassu deep conditioner

My hair is my baby. I have come a long way before it was possible for me to love it, I talk about that struggle in my natural hair journey.

So I always pamper the hell out of it. That’s why I NEED these Obia naturals products.

I have seen a lot of amazing reviews of their products, so they had to be on my wishlist because I really really really want to try them.

Their products are all natural, and vegan, which means it is probably tailored to all hair types.

However, there is a drawback the company is based in the USA. That means even after buying, shipping will be a long thing but I am still hoping sha.Check out their website .

from @obianaturals on instagram

2. King and Steven Tote bags(KS tote bags) :

I am sure I am not the only one that stalks the IG pages of some brands looking at and wishing for their stuff.

If I am the only one, it’s still okay 😒, but that’s how I am always looking at KS totes IG page ( which you should check out here by the way).

I have decided that I need a KS tote maybe it’s just envy that Desmond at quirksandoutfits got his own but I want mine too.

From @kstotebags on instagram
One can never have enough bags.

3. A backpack from @thethriftstoreng :

Continuing from my declaration above, this next item is another bag.

I was so close to getting this one last month, but because of work I couldn’t get to the bank to pay on time and someone else got my backpack (Yes, I still think it’s mine) before me.

Did I cry? No, but the pain was breakup level kind of pain 😢😢. But you guys I feel it: This month is my month, I must get one.

P.S. here is a link to the IG page

4. Perfume : 

Last year I was left without a perfume. Read why in this post .

So I have been finding alternative means to spritz up. But you know, I am starting to think it does not behove a young lady like yours truly to be sneaking into her parents room anytime she wants to spray perfume.

But you know, I am starting to think it does not behove a young lady like yours truly to be sneaking… Click To Tweet

Plus my mother’s own is getting too much, counting the number of spritzs I am allowed when she catches me 😒…..Seriously mummy? So I must get mine this month.

I want something that isn’t too feminine – no smelling like flowers. But at the same time isn’t too strong – nothing like Boss Orange here ; that thing can strangle your nose.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Please tell me in the comments.(P.S. money is DEFINITELY an object).

5. A pair of Pumps :

In the same vein, I want to get myself a really good pair of pumps or court shoes.

I am willing to spend a bit more money here because I want something that will last.

My shoe size is 41/42. This baffles me because I am not tall. I am about 5 foot 7 inches, so why?

But it’s the struggle 😔. I also welcome suggestions here. As regards to colour, I am thinking black or navy blue? Tell me what you think.

So there you have it, my wishlist for the month and I only have 27 days to make it happen 😲.

Please remember to drop your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box.

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I would love to know what’s on your own wishlist 

Oh the Places you will go…. French Elegance

I have decided to start a travel wish list kind of thing, called –Oh The Places You Will Go. I got the phrase from a Dr.  Suess book.

I pick a place and just talk about it,  this is not meant to be a factual guide, just me rambling.



I want to go to France because I love the French language.I think it is the third best language in the world after Igbo and English of course.

I also want to see all the touristy landmarks like the Effiel tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Place du Concorde, the Seine and the Muse de Louvre. Oh, to walk the streets of Paris, Nice and Normandy, to eat good cheese and drink fine wine  🍷.


I hope that 2 years from now after my Msc. Before I join the working class, maybe I will have some money saved up……. MAYBE.


If I am in the UK,  I would like to take a use the English channel (if Brexit hasn’t caused them to seal it up lol), and ‘boat’ my way into France. If I am in Nigeria I shall fly (boring and scary).

Famous For

Did you know that France is the world’s most popular tourist destination. France has a six-sided shape so it is sometimes called L’hexagone i.e. The hexagon.

French wines are really expensive costing over a thousand Euros. It’s famous cities include Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Nice,Le man’s,Cannes and Montpellier.

Looking Forward To 

Eating cheese and sipping wine, eating a baugette, watching a mime perform and having an opportunity to exclaim “Sacre Bleu “😎.

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“Like all great travellers,  I have seen more than I can remember, and remember more than I have seen”-Benjamin Disraeli

What do you think of France?

Is it one of those places you would love to visit?  Why?

Tell me other places, you would love to see in the comments .