My First Blogging Failure and How I am Dealing with it.

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This week kind of started on a bad note for me. I experienced my first major blogging failure. This is what happened:

I had the perfect post all planned out for the blog. All I needed to do was take some pictures this weekend and for several reasons, it fell through.

Even though I have always had some difficulty with pictures, I didn’t expect it to happen now. Why? I planned ahead and did everything right.

I was very disappointed because that would mean I’d have to move all my posts and my social media (especially instagram) around. This is because I tend to schedule and plan everything ahead.

I felt so depressed I said I wasn’t going to post anything this week. I thought after all how many people are reading my blog anyway,  nobody will know.

Then I thought “YOU WILL KNOW”

It’s true I would know and I would feel it even if no one else did. Several bloggers write about their struggles and the various ways they have encountered failure.

I thought ‘well I will handle it when my turn comes’,  but the thing is it’s hard, thats why it’s called a struggle. I felt crushed and just very ‘bleech’, I don’t even think that’s a word.

As I am typing this, I feel better, not great because, I mean I would still love for things to have gone smoothly.

I smiling a bit because I am blogging and it makes me happy.

 I am smiling a bit because I know I am thinking up ideas to make that post happen.

I am smiling a lot because I know that I am going to have a post up today.

I am smiling because in small victories like this, I reaffirm my dedication and will to achieve something extraordinary.

I am smiling because in small victories like this, I reaffirm my dedication and will to achieve… Click To Tweet

So guys my advice to you – even though this is not my forte- is PUSH THROUGH. 

Bad and unexpected things are going to happen but if you just keep moving, it gets better.



6 Replies to “My First Blogging Failure and How I am Dealing with it.”

  1. Hey Baby, I’m happy this didn’t make you unhappy at the end of the day . Keep your head up high and keep doing what you love. No matter the challenges you face. And i would have known really cus i read your blog posts. I’m your fan at least I can help just in my own little way by reading and commenting

  2. girlll!!! I can totally get where you are coming with this. I was going to post my currently. I am Post was supposed to go up by 1am today but when I realized I didn’t have pictures at all I had to make some changes. even till when I posted the pictures just weren’t like I wanted I still choose to do it. some people have the best cameras and the iPhones and the MacBook to do all they want to and to make the blogging process easier and we don’t but we choose to preserve, it’s our choices not our abilities that makes us who we are said one of the greatest wizards. lol. we choose to preserver and to do better and be better with each post

  3. This is a great message, Adaorah. I think we all have the tendency to get disappointed when things don’t go the way we expect (especially when we do everything right!) and it takes a strong person to turn things around and not operate according to one’s feelings.

    I hope you get to have that photoshoot and maybe one of the reasons that things didn’t work out as planned is because there’s something amazing that you still need to add to the post!

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