My First Volunteer Experience || #thecharity2016 -The Nigerian Child Initiative.

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P. S. The pictures aren’t mine. I culled them from TNCI whatsapp group chat and from the instagram feed of executives initiative. The names of some of the photographers are visible on the photographs.

I have always been passionate about being a volunteer ( can you be passionate about something you have never done?). I looked far and wide for opportunities but I didn’t find feasible ones.

When I decided to look closer to home I found the Nigerian Child Initiative. They told me they would be more than happy to have me on their medical team for their #thecharity2016 event on the 26th of December at Makoko,Yaba.

Now, won’t refer to myself as an aje butter, however there are some places I have never been to in Lagos. Makoko was one of them, I enlisted the help of my father designated driver(DD) because I cannot choose not to drive.

The day started out with me waking up late and asking myself -Ada why are you like this. I showered , put on my outfit, then went to wake up my DD , who insisted on showering (the nerve right?).

My youngest sister decided to tag along, just before we left, my brother insisted on coming too. Finally, when we were walking out the door, mom stopped us to make a list of things she wanted dad to buy.

I was upset and a bit panicky because an hour had gone by this time. Anyway we got into the car and my DD drove like a maniac.

I was pleasantly surprised that we made it to the pick up location(LUTH) in an hour. First of all the bus that picked us up was not the rickety thing I expected, but a nice coaster bus.

I was the last person to arrive so everyone saw my DD drop me off-road JESUS! SO EMBARRASSING. Our team leader used the journey  time to do a bit of intro and walk through for the newbies.


When we got there and I saw the large number of children, I was like YAY!!., then OH NO,  can I actually do this. I was worried that the event would be disorganized and not start till ever.

I was wrong, although the organizers had to take some time to get the very eager kids settled, we got started after 20 minutes.

The process involved anthropomorphic measurements, malaria screening, dental screening, consultation and finally the pharmacy.

Me looking all serious, putting my gloves on

I was on the malaria screening team and I got to work ASAP. I had to use A CRT kit, my teammate showed me how, because I had never used it before.

These aren’t tears of joy

The process involved pricking the child with a lancet (which consequently caused a lot of crying and fighting). The great thing was I only got 1 positive result, so I guess that’s a plus (Pun intended).

After the children were done with the medical team, they got to play, do arts and crafts e.t.c. The charity also gave out food,  (donated) clothes and I saw Mr. and Mrs. Clause make an appearance.

Feedin’ Time

I think everybody was happy at the end of the day., I would absolutely love to do this again.

I felt very helpful,and that is the greatest gift you can give whether it is Christmas or any time of year.

Have you ever been a Volunteer? 

Yes?  Did you enjoy the experience ? 

No? Would you like to do it? 


Me, at the back, trying to stuff my Face Grown ups waiting their turn Dental- Say aaahh Dr Cassie Akinde The Pharmacy


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10 Replies to “My First Volunteer Experience || #thecharity2016 -The Nigerian Child Initiative.”

  1. It’s heartwarming to find that you enjoyed your first time volunteering with us. It was interesting to have you around bugging the rest of the crew 😃. We definitely look forward to even better experiences this year.

  2. This is so nice , I wanted to attend *No idea what made it skip my mind* if you are interested in more volunteer work check out its a new one and they have a community reach by feb 11.

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