New Beginnings || Welcome to my Blog 2.0

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Today is a day that brings good news and memories of bad news. I am going to start on a positive note, this is my first blog post after moving my blog.

I moved it from “a free WordPress site you self-hosted site “, so YAY.  The title of this post should tell you there was a welcome to my blog 1.

This is really a milestone for me, because it means I finally took the leap from semi- serious to serious blogging.

Now for the Bad News

I was going to continue posting on my blog using my free WordPress site until I begun self hosting but….. On the 12th of December, about a month ago, my family got robbed. Alot of things were taken from is including my laptop, but I thank God no one got hurt.

Now, after that incident, I wouldn’t say I lost interest in blogging, I simply didn’t feel like doing it for a while. Plus I didn’t really know what to do without a laptop and a camera.

Now, I was saved by the fact that before the robbery,  I was already making big plans for my blog. I had taken pre-emptive steps like ordering the Cassie Dave’s blog planner.

I had even started research on hosting services, then the robbery happened and I just mellowed out. Since I already made commitments and set the wheels in motion, I had to keep going.

Keep Going

So I plodded along doing rebate minimum,  because even though I was in a fix- I knew in my heart that I really wanted to make this work. Here I am Today.

It is a New Year I am revamping my blog, going at it again and not stopping till I make it.

This has taught me that if you want something Perseverance is key. Take small steps which lead to BIG steps that lead to your goal.

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Have you ever gone through anything that almost made you give up your Dreams?

Leave a comment below, as well as the tips that helped you pull through.


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