A Simple and Truthful Guide to Making Coconut Oil 2

Hi guys, welcome to part 2 of our epic journey to make Coconut oil, because we are smart 🙋. ​Check out Part 1.

I realized something on my journey to make the oil, I got 3 other awesome products,I will highlight them as we go on.So here are the rest of the steps please enjoy.

Step 6:Blend the chopped Coconut flesh.

Here you have to eyeball things,the coconut shavings will not blend on its own so you have to add water, not too much though.So when you blend it, you get a goopy mess not a watery one.[...]

A Simple and Truthful Guide to Making Coconut Oil

My Oil money Troubles 

“OIL”all naturalistas love it.

Sooooooo, I love reading DIYs and I especially love telling myself that I will do one of them.Anyway, this week I decided to start a new hair regimen (more on that another time).Naturally,i needed oils and they don’t come cheap.

Castor oil has burnt a hole through my very shallow pockets 😢. Thank God for being a Christian because olive oil is never scarce over here 😁.[...]


So, I am feeling a bit sad today, so I decided to post things I regret. I racked my brain and I am thankful to God that I could only come up with five.

Making this list has really made me consider my life choices.I feel there is still time to make sure this list remains short, so here goes:

1.Seizing more experience     opportunities

I regret not joining a school club like ENACTUS while I was in school. In my defense I was busy with my coursework, but I could have made it work if I wanted to.[...]