Nightmare:The time I was sure I was going to die.

Let’s Consider our Mortality

I don’t want to die yet. Something strange happened to me on Sunday.I fell asleep reading this book:Everyday by David Leviathan. It’s about this person that wakes up each morning in a new body.

I had this strange dream that I was in this dystopian place where I had to fight monsters.I survived a near death experience in this dream.

I woke and with this surety that I was going to die that night. That I was not going to see the next morning. Well you can imagine the first thing I did was break down and cry.

Then I told myself I was being ridiculous and I should shake it off. I couldn’t shake it off, I even told my friend that called me that I might not be here tomorrow (dramatic?).

I got really scared and started thinking of what this would mean for me.The people I love would be sad to See me Go.

My siblings would be devastated, plus I also wanted to try this hair product I just got 😁. I thought of the money my parents spent to send me to school, it could have been used better 😢.

Then I thought of telling my siblings what I was feeling but ,I decided not to scare them. Instead I stayed with them watched small TV and joked for hours before I retired to bed.

Just my Faith 

When I got to bed I cried again then prayed, I told God I don’t want to die but his will be done. If I  die before morning please forgive me my sins and grant me eternal rest in heaven.

I then thought of all the times I took waking up in the morning for granted. I was feeling sleepy but I was too terrified to sleep. Just thinking of all the things I had not done, all the people I hadn’t spoken to in a while.

I prayed some more, felt  a bit calmer then I decided to bite the bullet and close my eyes. Here I am alive and well but with a renewed sense of gratitude for each day.

“To the well organized mind,death is but the next great adventure “ -Albus Dumbledore Click To Tweet