Cassie Daves Blog Planner 2017 || A “Quick”Review

Cassie Daves Blog Planner

I was going to hold off on doing a review of the Cassie Daves blog planner until I had used it for about a month. Buuut immediately I got mine, opened it and saw what it contained I knew I had to say something.
So since this blog is my soap box let me shout


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I used to write my ideas and to do list in various books, I even manually drew my own calendar .Then I saw reviews for the blog planner and I knew I had to check it out.


The design I went with was the minimalist original black and white one. I just thought it looked aesthetically pleasing, plus I don’t like pink, and I was thinking of flatlay opportunities😁.

Preliminary Pages

The first thing you see when you open the blog planner is a page that tells you you get going. Then you have a page for you to put down your name and your website.

       This belongs to ?

Next you have the blog manifesto page, this page causes you to think deeply about many aspects of your blog. The things you fill out here will help define and streamline your blog.

Next is your 2017 blog goals….because you NEED to put in writing what you want to achieve. Following this are the calendars for 2017 and 2018 respectively.

The planner also contains a daily blog checklist- all those things that you need to do as a blogger that you may sometimes forget, especially if you are a scatterbrain like me.

The last thing we have in the preliminary pages is a social media posting schedule which I am really grateful for, because my own social media is all over the place.😥

Monthly Content

Every month contains, first of all a motivational quote to get you in the right mood and give you encouragement.

Blog goals every month, although writing yearly blog goals is great, breaking it into smaller ones makes it more achievable.

A few pages for post ideas(because you must have a place to keep track of them)and notes.The months calendar with space for notes and adding things you want to do on each day.

Something new to do everyday

A to-do list for every single day of the month, the looks you want to shoot (very useful for style bloggers). A space for your intended blog partnerships and guest posts.

     What TO-DO

Lastly, each month contains a blog review pages, to know if you achieved your blog goals. As well as a space for your blog and social media statistics- to see your growth. Plus a financial overview page with your earrings and expenses to keep track of your dough.😊

P.S.   It also contains something special in the middle of the year to keep you going.

Final Pages

The last few pages of the blog planner, contain 99 blog topic ideas, some useful tools and apps for your blog as well as spaces for your important blog dates, blogs you love and useful links.

What I Love

I love the fact that with all the great stuff it contains, the blog planner is only 8.3″ by 7″ or 21cm by 15 cm ( I measured).

I love the fact the it is hard cover- so it is superdurable.

I love the fact that it looks pretty so when I take it somewhere, I know people will admire it. This will give me a chance to tell them about my blog.

I especially love the fact that this is home grown authentic Nigerian stuff, one of us thought of this and made it happen.

My Advice

Get the planner, get the planner get the planner, even if you are not a blogger, get it and I promise you , the spirit of blogging will enter you.

All bloggers should get this planner, even if you just started blogging a minute ago. If you have a blogger friend ,it’s not to late to get them a late new year present. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is a blogger, here is your early Valentines day gift.

P.S. This will also make a bomb birthday present for your blogger friend.

P.P.S Did you guys notice I got a blog logo…..YAY. What do you think of it.

One of my Flatlays

I would love to hear whatever questions or comments you have about the blog planner.

I shall answer those I can and redirect  those i can’t to CassieDaves